paintinggreen-tilesOur mineral stains are applied by hand, creating subtly diverse and unique finishes on each artwork. Combined with the natural variation in cast stone materials, this process creates truly individual pieces every time. No two will be identical.

Please visit our Gallery page to see more examples of products and projects created in a variety of stains and pigments.

 Artistrystone Signature Stained Finishes

At the Artistrystone studio, we offer signature mineral stain finishes for each collection of artworks. These signature stain finishes emphasize the dramatic detail and elegance of Artistrystone sculptures.  Shown below are the four signature stain finishes that we developed for our Reptiles and Amphibians collection. Our signature stains are also available to custom finish any Artistrystone handmade artwork.


Tree Frog 8×8″, Sweet Gum 4×8″, 4×4″ in “Piedmont” stain


Hognose 8×8″, Shortgrass 4×8″, 4×4″ in “Appalachian” stain


Skink 8×8″, Crepe Myrtle 4×8″, 4×4″ in “Sandhills” stain


Box Turtle 8×8″, Arrowleaf 4×8″, 4×4″ in “Bottomlands” stain

Pigments:Integrated Solid Color for Artistrystone Artwork

Pigment is added to our casting mixture to produce integrally colored artwork. These extremely durable pigments contain high-quality metal oxides, recycled from iron or refined from the earth. All of Artistrystone’s artworks can be ordered with a sealed or unsealed finish. Unsealed artworks have a matte finish, and can be left to weather naturally over time, while sealed pieces have a glossier finish, and have slightly darker and richer colors. Sealing also protects artworks from wear and water penetration.