Artistrystone medallions are handmade, cast stone, architectural artworks, designed to frame a single Artistrystone artwork within your layout or design. Colored or stained to match or contrast with the artwork they frame, these medallions can add an extra dimension to any artwork display.

Please visit our Gallery page to see examples of medallions in projects.

Stand-Alone Medallion


The Stand-Alone Medallion is an architectural component used to feature a single 8×8″ Artistrystone artwork. It is a bullnose style component that can be used either horizontally or diagonally to create a dramatic architectural feature.

Incorporated Medallion

incorporatedThe Incorporated Medallion is a bullnose component designed to provide a finished edge with handmade elegance. Incorporated Medallions can be used to incorporate a single feature in a larger Artistrystone artworks layout. This series of architectural elements can be used in interior or exterior settings.
Medallions are handcast and are available in many Artistrystone pigment colors or can be custom stained to match your other Artistrystone artworks to create a beautiful contrasting edge.


Bullnose trim is used to provide a smooth, rounded edge and finish for individual tiles, medallions, composite tile layouts, back splash installations, countertops, tabletops, and all other tile uses where a finished edge is desired. Our bullnose trim is designed to work with every tile in the Artistrystone line.

Bullnose trim is handcast and is available in many Artistrystone pigment colors or custom stains to match any tile you may choose.



Single Bullnose



Double Bullnose



Triple Bullnose