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Artistrystone’s artwork captures life and nature in sculptural relief, imbuing it with the spirit of contemporary american naturalism—awakening a sense of adventure and inspiring a close connection to our natural world. Each piece is designed to be enjoyed as a single work of art or collected and enjoyed in groups. Sculptural elements such as branches, vines, and sandbars align to work net to one another visually. Border themes can be created by mixing and varying artworks to form unique borders, edgings, or wall installations.The hallmark of handmade Artistrystone products are textural variation, careful modeling, fine detail, and rich coloring in our high and low bas-relief sculpture.
Artistrystone artworks, originally made from cast stone will soon be offered in hand pressed ceramic art editions. Both cast stone and ceramics are ancient and enduring mediums with great character; radiating warmth and elegance, lasting for generations.

 CarolystudiowebArtist & Sculptor,

Caroly Van Duyn

“Artworks at Artistrystone are my original creations, inspired by my deep love and appreciation for nature.”

Caroly Van Duyn is the owner and founder of Artistrystone, located in Durham, North Carolina. Caroly’s vision for the Artistrystone studio is to provide high quality, affordable artwork that will enlighten the public and forge a stronger understanding and connection to our natural world. Caroly designs and sculpts original artworks which she then hand-casts, custom stains or glazes, and kiln fires into unique and collectible art for gift givers, collectors, architects, and museums.

A life long appreciation and passion for the beauty and power that architecture, artistry and design can offer to our surroundings is an inspiration and a touchstone for Caroly. This philosophy is what lies at the heart of Artistrystone studio creations. In offering affordable artworks, Caroly introduces her favorite mediums to all audiences, extending the walls of the gallery to include all surfaces; imbuing them with texture, storytelling, warmth, entertainment and fine artistry in the 21st century.