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Welcome to Artistrystone, where original sculptures are designed and created.
We bring our lifelong commitment to beauty and nature to every stage of the design and creation our artworks; from the original drawings to the final hand-casting process. We strive to convey fine textural nuances, atmospheric subtleties and dimensional exuberance in each scene we create.
Our products are handmade and imbued with the maker's spirit.


A background in classical drawing, sculpting and printmaking forms the foundation of Artistrystone's portfolio with the meticulous and dramatic artworks created by Caroly Van Duyn.
Each artwork is intended to communicate, with tactile and visual storytelling, our natural and human world. Designers, interior and landscape architects, museums, gardeners and art collectors, both young and old, are among our enthusiastic and satisfied customers.


Artistrystone's artworks are created in the artistic style of Bas-relief. This technique retains the natural contours of the figures, and allows the work to be viewed from many angles without distortion of the figures themselves.
Historically, bas-relief and three dimensional sculpture have been significant touchstones in our culture. Together in our public and private environments these artistic focal points of interest adorn buildings and gardens and encourage reflection, conversation and meditation.